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And so it goes on [Sep. 2nd, 2004|12:39 am]
Parakiss World


[mood |tiredtired]

Welcome back, everyone. The weather has been quite fine, so I hope you had a nice five weeks off. Our students in London have been complaining about the miserable weather they've been getting all summer, so consider yourselves lucky.

As always, abide by the rules-- even the ones I throw out at you in the middle of the year when I catch certain delinquents-- ::ahemNAGASEkunahem::-- redefining the term 'delinquent'. And yes, it IS the second half of the school year, so just hang in there until March.

I am certainly looking forward to this year's fashion show. All of the entries have shown much talent and promise, and as such, I expect nothing but the best on the runway. Good luck to everyone participating!